Changing the Algorithm Campaigns:

Accessible & Sustainable Climbing for Black Youth

We are reaching out to and  working with gyms around the world to donate gym memberships. We are also working with equipment companies to donate equipment to the youth so they do not have to pay any money to climb at the gyms and crags. In some cases however, we may get requests from areas where gyms have not been able to donate memberships or we may get many requests in specific areas with not enough gym donations. We want to raise money for those instances as our goal is to break barriers for Black youth to get into climbing as possible. 

All In Beta is as a facilitator only, and connects participants to gyms, but is not a climbing gym, climbing instructor, or agent, employee, or partner of any climbing gym. It is your responsibility to follow all gym rules, regulations, and execute any paperwork required by the gym. Participants must acknowledge and execute a waiver and complete release of liability of All In Beta as to any and all losses, damages, or injuries, if any, arising out of your (or your youth’s) participation in this program or at any climbing gym.