About Us

All In Beta is a small but mighty organization that was founded because a few climbers saw the disparity of representation in the climbing community. Climbers Melaney Russell and Jeremy Arntz started by making a few stickers which grew to a few shirts. The community showed an outpour of support and stories. All In Beta  quickly realized the community was being established was more than a crew, it was evolving into a movement. What started as advocacy for body positivity and inclusion, turned into a vision that climbing should be for everyone. Shortly after our vision was communicated, the entire world experienced a pandemic together and band together for human rights with the Black Lives Matter movement in response to the recent deaths of George Floyd. Our ambassadors all around the world knew immediately that we had a platform that could be used to do strong advocacy work starting with our community. Today, we stand together as a diverse community leveraging our ability to change the algorithms that exist to oppress us and advocating for inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability for diverse climbers.